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Alcohol 52% is simply a useful tool that anybody must master in order to operate with it more effectively. Its benefits are definitely undeniable and consequently, you save lots of time and even your precious discs. If you download this software onto your PC you will have an unlimited number of choices for alcoholic drinks on the fly. You can easily create the perfect mix for any occasion and invite your friends over for a night cap or a small group celebration. The possibilities are endless.

Alcohol 52% has been developed in such a way as to be able to make use of any kind of disc or even the USB drive connected to your computer. In fact, it can be used with any CD or DVD as long as it is digitally supported. If you want to make use of the software on any other CD/DVD you simply have to insert the drive. You will then be able to access your virtual drive where anything you need for creating the perfect beverage can be stored.

Alcohol 52% is quite easy to operate, as its interface is just like the rest of the applications available on the market - with only a few minor differences. Even though it is a simple program, it is perfectly capable of duplicating millions of drinks, which means that you will not need to stock up on these at the bar until you get home. Once you have created your first drink using this virtual cd, you will definitely be hooked on trying out new mixes and creating the perfect mixture. Once you have downloaded this amazing software onto your computer you can start enjoying the freedom of creating unlimited drinks right on your computer in the comfort of your own home.

by Alcohol Soft.
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